Monday, October 8, 2012

The Air Force's UFO: My Interview with John Lear

Is the truth really out there?

In a recently declassified record from the Aeronautical Systems Division of the United states Air Force, we have learned that USAF was, indeed, working on a craft that very much resembles a classic ‘flying saucer’.  It was called “Project 1794”, and was reportedly canceled in 1960 when it could not reach the altitude goal of 100,000 feet.

If it had been successful, the craft would have been able to fly at speeds of around 2,600 miles per hour, and would be able to travel around 1,000 nautical miles.

I had a chance to talk with a former CIA pilot concerning this project, and surprisingly he revealed to me that it “is one of many that the USAF tried to develop in the 50’s.”

The pilot’s name is John Lear, and he is the son of the man who developed the famous Lear Jet.  “My father owned Lear, Incorporated,” John told me, “and always had airplanes around that I could fly. I always wanted to be an airline pilot.”

Of the over 150 aircraft that he’s flown, John told me his favorites were the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and Lockheed L-1011.  John’s aviation career is impressive, having held 18 world speed records and is the only pilot to have held every certification the FAA offers.

“I doubt if this particular model ever succeeded,” he told me concerning Project 1794.  “The USAF worked on anti-gravity beginning in 1953.  My father’s company Lear, Inc. was the major contractor.  I believe their efforts were successful by 1956 but I don’t know what kind of craft they were put into.”

Illustration from the recently declassified “Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report” (d.1956)

“Every once in a while some drawing like this will surface but it is doubtful if any were actually built,” he continued.

Over the years John has had a continued interested in secret aircraft technology.  “I was always interested in flying saucers and wanted to know where they were from and who was in them,” John told me.

Around 8:50PM on March 22, 1989, John set out with a group of friends to a little-known government facility in the middle of the Nevada desert where one of them worked, to see some classified aircraft experiments first-hand.  John’s friend who worked in the facility was a physicist named Bob Lazar.

The group claims to have watched a craft fly towards them at a very fast speed, then make an abrupt 90 degree turn.  “I saw it for about 5 minutes after which it settled down behind the mountains surrounding Groom Lake,” John told me.  This sighting seems to agree with Project 1794’s final development summary, which states that the craft would have “satisfactory handling throughout the whole flight,” and would be able to perform a vertical take-off and landing.

When Lazar finally went public on his employment at the facility and the research being done there, the top secret government facility known as ‘Area 51’ was, for the first time, introduced to the world.

The USAF has been very successful in keeping secret any efforts they have made in that field which means they were probably very successful,” John said.

John had to experience this level of secrecy once.  On one of the nights the group went to watch the test flights, they were stopped by armed guards.  Shortly after the guards released them, they were picked up by the Lincoln Country Sheriffs department and held for questioning.

UFO enthusiasts who now attempt to see Area 51 with their own eyes are now greeted with armed guards in camouflage suits driving SUVs who, reportedly, will hold you for local law enforcement if you get too close.

In everything that John has uncovered over the years, I asked him what might be the most important thing that he could think humanity needs to be concerned with.  In all of his research and experience, his answer is both simple and yet profound.  “In life your job is to find something you like to do and then live your life with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed,” he said.  “And to express your love to your family all day, every day.”

As of now the White House has officially stated that aliens do not exist.  Could the government be harnessing other-worldly technology in developing classified aircraft?  The verdict, as the truth, is still out there.


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